Leveraging Automation to Overcome Today’s Laboratory Challenges

Program Date: 16 February 2023
Publication Date: 16 February 2023
Continuing Education Units: Hours: 1.0

Lecture Description:

In this lecture, Scott Jones, Vice President of Scientific Affairs at QualTex Laboratories, leads a discussion on how automation can help overcome today’s laboratory challenges including improving quality, testing, staffing, turnaround time, and more.

Lecture Objectives:

• Know that automation of donor testing in our production lab enabled us to test more samples more efficiently and in a timelier manner without additional staff. 
• Know that implementation of a sample management system has increased our testing efficiency. 
• Know that automated donor testing equipment can be validated to perform in process testing for plasma production pools. 
• Know that automated high-throughput qualitative assays can be validated for testing of cell and cell-based products.
  • Run Time: 44

Lecture Instructor Bio(s)

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Scott Jones, PhD

Vice President, Scientific Affairs 
QualTex Laboratories 
San Antonio, TX, USA
Dr. Jones received his undergraduate degree in Microbiology from Texas A&M University and a Doctorate in Microbiology from The University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. He did his Post Doctorate work at The Texas Center for Infectious Disease where he was the Director of the TB-RFLP Laboratory. He has worked at the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center/QualTex laboratories since 1999. He has expertise in blood screening of whole blood and source plasma donations. He has developed NAT assays for HIV-1, HCV, Parvo-B19, HAV, and HEV. He has authored and presented numerous oral and poster presentations at annual meetings for the South Central Association of Blood Banks (SCABB), the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), and the Congress of International Society of Blood Transfusion. He is an active member of AABB and SCABB.

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