Apheresis Technology 101

Program Date: 18 November 2021
Publication Date: 31 March 2022
Continuing Education Units: Hours: 0.5

Lecture Description:

In this lecture, Dr Erin Goodhue will present on the history of apheresis and apheresis technologies, including centrifuge-based and membrane-based.

Lecture Objectives:

• Review terminology related to apheresis. 
• Briefly discuss the history of apheresis. 
• Describe centrifuge-based, and membrane-based apheresis technologies.
  • Run Time: 37

Lecture Instructor Bio(s)

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Erin Goodhue (nee Meyer), DO, MPH

Director, Clinical Research and Development 
Terumo BCT
Dr Erin Goodhue (nee Meyer) serves as the Director of Clinical Research and Development at Terumo BCT where she provides strategic clinical and scientific direction for new and novel TBCT products. Dr Goodhue leads a team of clinical and laboratory scientists as well as clinical regulatory and operations specialists who collaboratively evaluate, prioritize, and implement developed strategy including clinical trial protocol development and post market/phase IV studies.

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