Red Blood Cell Antigens and Antibodies Overview

Publication Date: 7 September 2023
Continuing Education Units: Hours: 0.5

Lecture Description:

In this lecture, Dr Anani will discuss the role of red blood cells, the types of antigens found on red blood cells, and the formation of red blood cell antibodies. He will introduce basic serology principles related to antigen and antibody interactions.

Lecture Objectives:

• Understand the role of red blood cells. 
• List the types of red blood cell antigens. 
• Explain why red blood cell antibodies form. 
• Describe the general techniques for destroying or enhancing red blood cell antibodies.

Lecture Instructor Bio(s)

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Waseem Anani, MD

Medical Director 
ARUP Laboratories 
Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Dr Waseem Anani is the Medical Director of ARUP Laboratories in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA and Associate Professor at the University of Utah. He is a Clinical Pathologist with subspecialty training in Transfusion Medicine. His area of interest and research is red cell immunohematology and genomics.

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