Blood Donation Behavior Interventions for Motivation and Contextual Influences

Publication Date: 13 October 2023
Continuing Education Units: 0.5 hours

Lecture Description:

In this lecture, Eva-Maria Merz, Principal Investigator of Donor Medicine Research at Sanquin and Professor in Donor Behaviour at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, provides information regarding donor behavior after temporary deferral and reviews how public trust in healthcare may impact that behavior. She concludes with presenting innovative ideas to encourage donation.

Lecture Objectives:

• Discuss donor return after temporary deferral; 
• Learn about public trust, healthcare quality, and blood donation; and 
• Present new ways of encouraging the future generation regarding blood donation.
  • Run Time: 29:25 minutes

Lecture Instructor Bio(s)

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Eva-Maria Merz, PhD

Principal Investigator, Department of Donor Medicine Research, Sanquin Research 
Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
Professor in Donor Behaviour, Center for Philanthropic Studies, Vrije Universiteit 
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Eva-Maria Merz is a social scientist with a background in family studies and sociology. She is head of the research line Donor Behaviour at Sanquin and Professor of Donor Behavior at the Sociology department of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She combines her theoretical and applied expertise within the topic of (blood) donor behavior in order to study donor life-courses and the influence of personal and social network characteristics across different contexts. Merz´s research benefits from her fruitful collaborations within the Dutch Blood Bank, and with international colleagues through the Biomedical Excellence of Safer Transfusion (BEST) Collaborative, and the International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT).

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